Friday, April 15, 2005

How gay is TOO gay?

driving home today, i glance in my rearview mirror and the guy behind me is singing along with whatever he is listening to. and he was singing with GUSTO. i'm talking jazz hands and everything!

his stereo is so loud i can almost hear it clearly. so i turn off my stereo because at this point i am dying to know what he is listening to that is oh-so fabulous

it was a sam harris album. for those of you that don't know who sam harris is, he is the little fella that won the male singer competition on the first season of 'star search.' he was the munchkin in the converse sneakers and tuxedo jacket. ok, now that we are all up to speed.

this guy in the car behind me was too gay to be liza minelli's next ex husband.

much like one of my gay boyfriends, brent. brent is always on me to audition for 'the amazing race' with him.

i tell him, "honey, the first night we have to sleep in a train station, you would throw a full blown, JLo-esque diva fit. and i'm a pack a day smoker, so can you just see me wheezing my fat ass up the side of some atzec temple? i would pass out before we made it to the zipline."

when i met brent, i knew immediately he was gay. nothing flaming obvious to the average bear, but living in los angeles, your gaydar gets fairly fine tuned. he never told me he was gay, or mentioned a boyfriend or anything, but i just knew.

flash forward a few weeks into the friendship

i made mention of his homosexuality, and he squealed, "how did you know?"

i love him