Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Bitch at the Vet's Office Just Got A Verbal Ass Whooping

i have to preface all this by saying, that while i may come across as very bitchy in this forum, i am actually very nice in person. almost shy. no, really, i am. i swear. you can ask around. you really have to push me to get me pissed. well, the office manager skank at the vet did it today.

and i always to try to be pleasant to serivce personnel because i worked retail and i know how hard it is to deal with the public at large. most of my bitterness stems from too many years of listening to women bitch at me that the pants they ordered did not fit and what was I going to do about it! well, if you are 5'3" and weigh 175 pounds, you should not have ordered a size small in the first place, and i recommended you order a size large the first time we spoke, but you seem to have a mirror that makes your chubby self look like paris hilton, so i really don't know what more i can do besides suggest a reality check on aisle five. i bet if you did a study, you would find that most valium addicts work in customer service.

we have been going to this same vet for over 10 years and we have dumped thousands and thousands of dollars into this place. my dogs go the vet if they so much as sneeze. coupled with the fact that my last dog was an accident prone little mutt, well, let's just say i would not be surprised if my vet was able to buy a new jaguar every year.

the office manager, ethel (and that is her real name) is spectacularly unpleasant to me every time i have to deal with her. i can understand that she might be bitter at being saddled with a name like ethel, but is that really my fault? whenever i leave there, i think to myself, "well, i don't remember spilling pig's blood on her at the prom, but ok."

my dog, ruckus, has bone cancer and is currently taking pain pills to stave off the pain. i get a refill on these pills every 2 weeks. so, this afternoon i called and they told me the pills would be ready after 5pm. i get there at 6:30pm to pick up the pills and find that it is now emergency hours. dear sweet ethel deigns to let me in and explains that in the future, i will have to come before 5pm on a saturday. my blood starts to boil, but i let that slide.

then, i find that the dumbass that i spoke with earlier never processed my order, so now i have to wait. i am still relatively calm. i speak to ethel and explain to her that the last three times i have called in for the pills, the order has not been processed and i have had to wait. i thought as the office manager, she might like to know. i was perfectly calm and civil the whole time.

that's when she turns it around on me and explains that this all basically my fault and normally i should call 24 hours ahead of time, and not come in during emergency hours, etc.....

well, jelly done lost her little mind at this point. here's a recap of the earful i gave ethel.

"not ONCE have i EVER been told that it takes 24 hours and what difference would it make anyway since my order is never processed in the first place. and it is NOT my responsibilty to know what times i can and cannot pick up these pills. YOUR staff should have informed me of this when i called. it is NOT my fault that YOUR employees are incapable of transmitting this information."

i went on in that vein for a few minutes. then she looks at me and says, "thank you for letting me know." and she did not sound at all grateful. that's it. that's all she had to say. not "sorry you had to wait." not "sorry you were given the wrong info." just more snotty attitude.

i hate ethel and hope she gets a bad case of crabs.