Sunday, August 14, 2005

Girls, Girls, Girls

i just had the girliest, most decadent weekend. you should all be envying me right now. god, what can't every weekend be like this? see, if i had a personal assistant to run all my crappy errands for me and do my laundry (but i would still wash my own panties, because the thought of someone else touching them creeps me out.) i could spend all my free time just pampering myself.

it all started friday nite. my friend, sherri, was in anaheim for a convention. i drove out there and met her at Downtown Disney. first stop, Sephora (duh!) where i am proud to report i only purchased ONE item. i won't tell you what that one item cost, though. because then i would have to kill you. but trust me, it was a GOOD item.

then we stopped in the big, mega Disney store. sherri was lamenting the fact that she could not find a particualr Disney Collectible Pin. apparently, pins are the new Beanie Babies. there is a huge community of people that buy, sell and trade these pins. as she is explaining this, a man walks over to her as says, "PSST!"

sherri acknowledges him and he cuts his eyes to the left, and then to right to make sure no one is listening in and proceeds to stage whisper that he knows a guy that trades them in Disneyland in front of one particular store. the whole time, he is checking over his shoulder. i have seen drug deals go down with less precaution. it was all so very cloak and dagger. and right in the middle of Downtown Disney, of all places! is nothing sacred, people?!?!

after that we went to dinner. sherri and i both have the misfortune of living in Sonic-Free cities. actually, this is a good thing, because if there was one within spitting distance, i would become the 400 Pound Woman of Los Angeles. but, since sherri and i both love The Sonic, that was where we had dinner. i ordered the Sonic sized tots, onion rings, a Sonic bacon cheeseburger and a DIET cherry limeade. watching those calories, dontcha know. i am happy to report that Carb-O-Polloza 2005 was a success!

sadly, the evening went by much too fast and i had to take her back to her hotel. i pull into the driveway and we were making our goodbyes when one of bellhop type guys opens my drivers side door because he thinks i want to valet my car. not expecting this, i screamed like a little girl. now the driver's seat in my car smells like pee.

saturday, some other girlfriends and i went to a VERY nice, full service spa. before our facials, we spent some time in the steam room and the jacuzzi. WE were wearing bathing suits. sadly, i cannot say the same for everyone else. yup, i was confronted with one of my pet peeves everytime i turned around. naked women. i never know where to look and it's just uncomfortable. although, my favorite "hi, i'm naked. please envy my flat tummy and fake, perky boobs" girl was spotted in the jacuzzi. naked as the day she was born, *except* for her gold belly chain. i just looked at her and thought to myself, "yup, you're getting blogged."

my facial was heavenly. i told the girl to focus on extraction and she went to town on my pores. she squeezed stuff out of my face that has been there since clinton was in office. right now, my face feels like a baby's butt. in a good way, not a nasty diaper rash-y kind of way.

at the spa i bought the most wonderful shower gel and body lotion set. (see my previous post to understand how ridiculous it is that i bought one more set of bath stuff) but i literally could not help myself. see, i have been searching high and low for a chocolate scented gel/lotion duo that DOESN'T smell like crap. i finally found it. it is made by a company called Bubalina. if i wasn't so damn lazy, i would find their web link and post it here. but, fuck it, if you can find my blog, you can certainly Google your own shit. trust me, this stuff is GOOD. i smell edible right now.

after the spa we went to dinner at P.F. Changs and had the most wonderful meal. and a few drinks. let's just say i HIGHLY recommend the Confucious Martini and leave it at that.

today, i bought a T-Mobile Sidekick. oh, i am already loving my Kicky. camera, email, phone and web browser all in one. i have to figure out all the features, but i don't think it will be that hard. for christsake, paris hilton figured it out and she's dumber than a box of rocks, so i am hopeful.

back to the real world tomorrow. blech.