Monday, August 01, 2005

Here's What I Can Remember About BlogHer

i am back home and in my own bed. ahhhh. let me just say i had a great time and learned a lot. met some fascinating chicks and made some new friends. it was uber fabu.

saturday night is a drunken, blurry memory. it is now 48 hours later and i might still be drunk. let me start by saying those mommy bloggers know how to PAR-TAY! damn, they were still going at it when i stumbled back to my room. i remember thinking i should ask the front desk for a 9am wake up call, but have zero recollection of actually making said call. but i must have, because i was rather surprised when my phone rang at 9am. props to the operator at the westin hotel that was actually able to decipher Slurred Drunkenese and put that request thru for me. you rock hard.

that night, there were pictures taken that mean i can now never run for office. and if any of you bitches post them on your blog, i will hunt you down and cut you. remember, my granny is still alive and she is talking about getting internet access sometime soon. let's not give her any reason to disown me, a'ight? peace out.

one of the things i learned at the conference is that i am what is known as an "identity blogger." and i guess my identity is bitchy and snarky. this comes as no surprise to those who know me well. what it really means is that i just like to talk about myself and my opinions. a lot.

it was so surreal to meet people that actually read this and have them reference things i have written in here. surreal, but TOTALLY COOL, also. the only downside to this is that we fell into the habit of referring to each other by our blog names. for some this was ok. "hey, look it's Dooce!" or "i just had the best conversation with Mighty Girl." not so cool if you are me and people come up to you and say, "oh wow, you are the unholy smell." that's something you really can't hear enough.

i think my favorite moment came in one session where a woman stood up and announced she is polyamorous. because, really, what can anyone say after that? there is no topping that one.