Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh God, People Are Going To Start Calling Me "Stinky" Now, Aren't They?

yesterday, i was leaving work and got in the elevator. a co-worker got on and we made that banal, meaningless chit chat that you do. i mentioned that i had to stop at the gas station because i had basically fumed it into work that morning. she joked that i better not turn on my A/C and i should hope the whole trip was downhill. ha ha ho ho. end of gasoline talk.

we get off the elevator and walk across the lobby to the parking garage elevators. we had been alone up until then. at this point, more people join us. PEOPLE WHO WERE NOT PRIVVY TO THE GASOLINE DISCUSSION. her elevator comes and she gets on. right before the doors close, she looks at me and says, "Good luck with your gas!"

i could see the people around me looking at me out of the corner of their eyes. yes, me, the girl with the gas.

and i whispered, "gasoline. she meant gasoline. we were talking about gasoline."

i don't think they believed me, though.