Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hearts, Candy and Prison Rape

by nature, i am not a romantic gal. flowers and candy do nothing for me. and the thought of a long walk on the beach makes me think more about sand fleas than romance. you wanna make my heart flutter? buy me yarn. wanna get me naked? buy me a kate spade purse. that's the way to my obviously two sizes too small heart.

so, naturally, my reading selection DOES NOT include romance novels. i prefer true crime, memoirs and essays. and occasionally, some good angst ridden fiction. i recently started reading the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon. and i am hooked like a junkie let loose in a pharmacy. the story centers around a woman in 1945 that time travels back to 1745. and, yes, she does fall in love along the way, but the books are so much more than a love story. the characters are vivid and the writing is superb.

however, these books are classified as Romance and now i find myself skulking around the Romance section of the bookstore buying these books. i run in, do a quick scan, find the next book in the series and bolt out to the Social Sciences section before anyone spots me in there. i want to order the rest of the series thru Amazon just to avoid the dreaded Romance section, but then my "Amazon Recommendations for You" will include books with oily, muscled men and heaving bosoms on the cover and that might piss me off more. it's a lose/lose situation, i fear.

but maybe i am being judgemental. at the end of the first book, one of the characters describes, in vivid detail, the anal rape he suffered while imprisoned. and i do mean VIVID detail. so, if that makes this a Romance novel, maybe all those other books aren't so bad. if i can find a novel that outlines Fabio's anal rape and degredation, i might just spend more time in the Romance section.